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    Real Time Tracking Delivered to a Smartphone or Browser
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    ELUSIV® Covert Trackers

    Get Advanced GPS Features in
    Ultra Small Tracking Devices

    ELUSIV provides amazing versatility through an unprecedented
    number of features in very compact devices.

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    EVE™ Mobile & EVE™ Web

    Real Time Tracking
    Delivered to
    Smartphones & Browsers

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    GPS Tracking Videos

    with ELUSIV Hummingbird
    and Hawk

ELUSIV Covert Trackers: Versatile and Programmable

ELUSIV products provide amazing versatility through an unprecedented number of user-programmable features in very compact devices. Take a closer look at the Hawk and Hummingbird tracking solutions, which include the ELUSIV Visualization Environment (EVE) for command, control and viewing.

Tracking Applications

  • Track vehicles, personnel, bait merchandise, or small personal items
  • Detect and signal when an item is in motion, or detect package opening
  • Trigger an external electrical device based on light and/or motion sensors

Ultra-slim Hummingbird GPS & RF Tracker

The ELUSIV Hummingbird tracking solution is designed for covert surveillance operations. Featuring on-board motion and light sensors, quad band GSM, and a UHF locating beacon, the ultra-slim Hummingbird takes technical surveillance equipment to the next level. The Hummingbird is highly configurable and settings can be modified over-the-air to adapt to changing needs.

The Hummingbird has an internal, rechargeable 3.6 VDC lithium battery. An inductive charger is included.

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Elusiv Hummingbird: Small tracking devices

ELUSIV® Hummingbird Video

The ELUSIV Hummingbird model combines GPS Tracking with GSM EXFIL, on-board Geofences, and XING actions.

ELUSIV Hawk: Sovert GPS Tracking Device

ELUSIV® Hawk Video

The Hawk GPS Tracking device has long battery life and motion sensing hardware, in rugged, magnetic housing.

Easily Adaptable Hawk GPS Tracker

Highly customizable to accommodate a variety of electronic surveillance scenarios, the ELUSIV Hawk tracker features an on-board motion sensor, quad band GSM, and GPS.

The Hawk is offered as a bare-board or enclosed in a hard-shell case with internal batteries and external power connector. An event-triggered power management system optimizes battery life, and configured settings can be modified over-the-air to adapt to changing needs.

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Command, Control, and View ELUSIV Tracking Devices with EVE

EVE (ELUSIV Visualization Environment) provides the ability to program, view, and communicate with ELUSIV tracking devices over-the-air. Using EVE Mobile and EVE Web, teams can track multiple devices from a single phone or web browser or a single device from multiple platforms. Connect to the secure server via the Internet or operate in stand-alone mode using a direct SMS communication between trackers and smartphones. Cellular service plans with worldwide coverage are included.

EVE Mobile

EVE Mobile, with interactive touch screen, is pre-installed on an Android smartphone or tablet


EVE Web is a secure, web-hosted application accessible through any standard browser. The interactive map provides a timeline graph to zoom in/out on specific periods of activity. You can also filter the view to include data from single or multiple ELUSIV tracking devices, which upload location data automatically to the EVE server.

ELUSIV Eve Web's map provides a timeline graph to zoom in/out on specific periods of activity. Command, control, view tagging and tracking activity.

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