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ION for Enterprise: Empower Your Web Scraping Tools

US Patent No. 8,306,807

What's Keeping You From Collecting the Data You Need?

IP blocking, spoofing or false data, rate limiting, identification, and observation are several methods websites utilize to restrict access to publicly available online information.


Hide Your Business IP with ION Data Harvesting Solutions

Competitive intelligence, market research, crime investigations and other business intelligence efforts often involve large-scale data collection activities. When harvesting is detected, websites sometimes restrict access to the site by rejecting requests sent by identified IP addresses. They may redirect those requests to sites containing misleading information.

When you route your scraping activities through ION, your IP address remains anonymous and unattributable to prevent blocking countermeasures. In simple cases, queries from automated harvesting tools are dispersed across thousands of anonymous IP addresses. For session-dependent queries, an unattributable IP address may be maintained for the duration of a session to enable deep web collections.

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Why Websites Block Spiders
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ION Web Harvesting Data Sheet
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How is ION different from Tor?
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When Should I Mask My IP Address?

Ntrepid attribution control solutions are ideal when you are conducting online research and you prefer anonymity. Below are a few examples of where IP address control is useful. If malware or tracking cookies are also a concern, Passages can help.

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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive information collection typically starts with the information found on company websites.

Scraping a site to automatically gather data is common practice, but is often blocked when it becomes apparent through your IP address that you are a competitor.

Ntrepid’s IP address attribution control solutions not only mask your company affiliation, but also help you avoid the scrutiny that happens when hundreds of queries are sent through a single IP address.

Investment Intelligence

Privacy is essential for investment and corporate due diligence.

A leak can trigger speculative trading, driving up share prices and creating employee uncertainty. Yet, investment research routinely involves interaction with target websites, which track and monitor visitors.

When you use Ntrepid’s attribution control products, the IP address stored in website logs and databases is anonymous...

Criminal or Fraud Investigation

Counterfeit product sites, phishing schemes, intellectual property infringement...

Investigating suspicious activity without being misdirected to “innocent” content requires an anonymous, non-attributable IP address.

Ntrepid products help you “blend in” to discreetly investigate and gather evidence.

Pricing Research

International companies have become savvy at tailoring their prices based on the geographic location of the visitor.

How do they know where you are located? Your IP address, of course!

Get unbiased price information by customizing your IP address - look like a local or check out the prices offered to buyers in other countries by egressing from a different geographical location.

Pricing Information

Ntrepid offers several pricing options for ION solutions, including volume-based discounts. We will work with you to determine the ION product and pricing that best meets your organization's needs and provides the most value to you.

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