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    Analyze Influence in Social Networks
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    Tartan is Different

    Discover Real Influence
    & Hidden Relationships

    Visualization and quantitative analysis of
    key influencers and hidden connections within social networks.

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    For National Security:
    Identify influencers and uncover hidden relationships

    For Federal Law Enforcement:
    Investigate criminal organizations

    For Business:
    Analyze and predict the outcome
    of M&A or executive successions

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    Overview Video

Tartan is Better than Link Analysis

Tartan is browser-based investigation software that leverages users’ all-source information to reveal influence ranks and hidden connections within human networks. Tartan looks beyond charting leadership roles to identify the core group of individuals who motivate and drive the actions of entire organizations and populations. Traditional social network analysis only provides “line and block” charts of an organization (whether adversarial or allied), but does not capture the human terrain “choke points” that exist in any organization.

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Analyze & Identify

  • Ranks of influence within organizational and criminal networks
  • Key voices and influencers within allied and adversarial populations
  • Interlocutors, messengers and others with key access to important stakeholders and organizations
  • Hidden or missing relationships
  • The use of aliases
  • Emerging leaders and new key influencers

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Key Features

Tartan assimilates easily into online research activities. As you browse the web, simply click the Tartan Bookmarklet in your browser to send web pages directly to Tartan for processing. Tartan extracts people and places. When you are ready, use Tartan’s wizard to define relationship characteristics, such as deference and meeting frequency. From this information, Tartan generates a dynamic, visual relationship model. Algorithms quantify each actor’s degree of influence and centrality and highlights unobserved links between people (sometimes called “hidden networks”). Explore and analyze relationships and simulate network reconfiguration scenarios within the interactive model.

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