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    Streamline Investigations & Visualize Cases
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    Mobile Collection, Organization & Collaboration

    Visualize the Story

    Build complex storylines on a timeline,
    import supporting documents, and make your case.

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    Feature overview

    desktop application

Organize & Visualize
with Timestream

Build your case using an interactive timeline. Collect compelling case evidence and simply drag it into Timestream. Files are forensically hashed, establishing verifiable authenticity and digital chain of custody.

Timestream is compatible with Mac and Windows systems.

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  • Portable

    No installation, Mac and Windows compatible.

  • Intuitive Design

    Built for simplicity and ease of use.

  • Time Zone Support

    54 different time zones with DST support.

  • Security

    AES case encryption, automatic file hashing.

Image of mac and pc timestream connect

with Timestream Connect

Work with others utilizing our Timestream Connect server. Easily share case updates and new files. Resolve conflicts and see complete sync history for your case.

Timestream Connect can be deployed in the cloud or on your internal network.

800.921.2414 | timestream@ntrepidcorp.com

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  • Flexible Deployment

    Choose a Cloud or an On-Premises local deployment.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Easily resolve conflicts with collaborators.

  • Case History

    Each case retains a full sync history, even offline.

  • Security Logging

    Logging tracks all activity on the server for easy audit.


Apple Mobile Collection
with Timestream Capture

Use our mobile app to collect evidence in the field. Take photos, video, record audio or import documents. Then send evidence wirelessly to your Timestream case over a WiFi connection.

Imported files retain their creation date, forensic check-sum hash and geolocation data. Maintain digital chain of custody from the moment you collect evidence.

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Upcoming Events for Timestream

    Aug. 28 – Aug. 31

    APSA 2014 Annual Meeting & Exhibition

    At the American Political Science Association's 2014 Annual Meeting in D.C., political scientists are asked to consider politics and the study of politics in an age now long characterized by the widespread use of digital technology. Authors, professors and scholars will see how Timestream can complement curriculum for both individual classes and political science departments with its unique visualization, collaboration and presentation tools at booth #624.

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