Dispersed Data

Ion disperses data harvesting activity over our vast network of anonymous IP addresses, allowing you open access and drastically reducing your collection time.

Why Ion?

Data represents power. It enables smarter decision-making and empowers growth. If your competitive intelligence requires harvesting online data, you need access to that data. Ion offers you the solution.

Faster Collection

Ion empowers you to increase the speed of data collection efforts—saving you time and money.

With Ion, you have the unique ability to collect information faster by running a high volume of concurrent requests, with each request coming from a different IP address, or you can hold a persistent IP for a user-specified amount of time during a deep dive. In many instances, the actual speed of collection is faster than a direct request to the target site.

Get Unrestricted Access

Website operators routinely look for signs of harvesting activities targeting their sites. Ion enables you to avoid detection with ease.

It is easy to detect unusually high traffic from a single IP address, from IP addresses associated with competitors, or from navigation across multiple pages using a different IP address for each. These red flags can lead websites to block or redirect you to misleading data. Ion allows you to overcome these issues with ease.

Control Your Fingerprint

Ion allows advanced control of browsing sessions to enable unrestricted deep drilling.

For basic cases, a different IP address can be used for each web request. For session-dependent queries, the same IP address may be maintained to enable drill-down capabilities needed to effectively gather targeted data. Ion even allows you to gather information from encrypted websites, regardless of how many times you visit or how deeply you drill down. We break through all roadblocks to make sure you are never tricked into collecting misleading information again.

Integrate With Ease

Ion works seamlessly with your existing tools, so there is no need for additional development.

We partner with leading data harvesting software providers, such as Connotate and Kapow, so you will be up and running immediately. Ion also easily integrates with open source platforms and custom scraping scripts.

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Connotate puts the power of Web data monitoring and collection into the hands of the business user. Connotate delivers the scalability, reliability and resiliency necessary to derive strategic value from dynamic Web sources. Connotate’s growing customer list includes global businesses such as McGraw-Hill, Associated Press and Thomson Reuters. The Connotate solution has been named a KMWorld “Trend-Setting Product” for the past eight years. Connotate acquired Fetch Technologies in March 2012. 

For more information, please visit
www.connotate.com or www.connotate.co.uk 

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Kapow Software is a Kofax company headquartered in Palo Alto, CA with offices in New York, Austin, Frankfurt, and Copenhagen. Kofax plc (LSE: KFX) is a leading provider of smart process applications that simplify the business critical First Mile™ of information-intensive customer interactions. Kofax combines market leading capture, process management, analytics and mobile capabilities that enable organizations to increase their responsiveness to customers, provide better service, gain a competitive advantage and better grow their businesses while reducing operating costs.


eGrabber, San Jose, CA, enables 100K+ b2b and recruiting professionals to build highly targeted contact lists from the Internet. eGrabber is the only software that scans the Internet and fills in missing contact fields in any CRM. eGrabber partners with Ntrepid to provide non-attributed contact research.


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