Secure Online Research and Malware Analysis Lab via Virtualization

Desktop Isolation and Identity Protection for Online Research & Investigation


Your Corporate Network Is At Risk

Online research and investigation can be risky. Criminals and other disreputable organizations use sophisticated online tactics, such as browser fingerprinting and IP address tracing, to identify users. Knowing who you are enables them to block access, provide misleading information or target attacks against corporate machines and networks. Disengaging from the online world is not an option.

Ideal for:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Pricing research
  • Investment research
  • SEO analysis

Nfusion insulates your network from malware contagion and camouflages your identity.

Nfusion is a fully-managed virtual workstation platform designed specifically for the unique challenges of online research and investigation. Nfusion masks your IP address and browser attributes to obscure your corporate affiliation and prevent activity tracing. Each session begins free of cookies and malware, yet bookmarks, collected artifacts, and browsing history are retained. Any malware encountered during each session is contained within Nfusion, preventing contagion across corporate networks. Optional reports include Insight (user activity) and GLIMR (regional analysis).


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