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    Secure Virtual Browser
    Eliminate Web-based Risks to Your Business

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    Passages Wins 2017 IT World Award
    Named Silver Winner for Best IT Products and Services for Government by Network Products Guide

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    Extend the Enterprise Perimeter
    Learn How Browser Isolation Can Protect Your Employees and Your Enterprise

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Over 90% of undetected attacks come through the web. Only Passages provides complete protection from web-based attacks.

Total protection against:

Why it Works

With Passages, your users can access any website and follow any link without risk to your infrastructure or data, and you can monitor and manage it all with ease.

The technologies and components in Passages are proven and mature, having evolved from the hardened Internet platforms Ntrepid developed over the last 15 years for the national security community. They put our solutions to the test against some of the world’s most sophisticated and aggressive opponents.

Malware Protection

Corporate security breaches come through the web because conventional malware protection and firewalls are not enough.

The solution is malware isolation. Contain and eliminate web-delivered malware with Passages, protecting your valuable data and infrastructure.

Watering Hole Attack

Highly targeted attacks are the new favorite technique of sophisticated hackers, but they can’t target people or corporations that they can’t identify.

Hide your IP address and identifying information to avoid these dangerous attacks.

Passive Information Leakage

Every action on the web is logged, analyzed, and tied back to your business. When your activity is related to confidential plans or information, you risk exposing that to the websites you visit and any advertisers present through passive information leakage. Protect your valuable information with Passages so sites don’t know who you are unless you tell them. 

Built For The Enterprise

We understand how important it is to centrally manage your solutions for rapid deployment, easy configuration, and complete control of users.

Passages provides comprehensive oversight and analytics of all user activity without the constraints of typical firewall-based monitoring.

Awards and Recognition

Our clients aren’t the only ones raving about Passages!

2017 Gold Award
Security Products and Solutions for Federal

Passages was recognized with one gold and two bronze awards at the 2017 Info Security Global Excellence Awards ceremony.

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2017 Winner
Cutting Edge Anti-malware Solution

The Passages team was honored with Cyber Defense Magazine's 2017 Infosec award for cutting edge anti-malware solution.

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Inaugural Winner
2016 NATO Defense Innovation Challenge

Passages was selected as a top ranked cyber defense solution at the 2016 NCI Agency Conference and AFCEA TechNet International (NITEC16).

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