Browser in a Virtual Machine

Passages uses a specially designed and hardened virtual machine to completely isolate the browser from the user’s computer. Any malware is trapped within the virtual machine and completely destroyed, along with any unwanted tracking cookies, when the browser is closed.


Network Isolation

Passages creates a VPN from the Virtual Machine out to our secure cloud. That VPN is the only network path in or out of the Virtual Machine. The browser and any possible malware have no way of seeing or impacting the local network or any sensitive or vulnerable devices.


Geo Pools

One of the ways Passages prevents user identification is through Geo Pools. User web traffic travels over our VPN connections to a Geo Pool, where it emerges onto the open Internet. Websites only see that IP address, not the user's real IP.


Secure Web Downloads

Passages Safehold ensures users can download the files they need while keeping malware off their computers. It is a cloud-based file storage which stands between the browser and the user’s file system that automatically scans all files using multiple advanced and next generation scanning tools to detect malware. Safehold ensures that malware is kept away from the user’s computer and prevents all automatic or accidental downloads.


Passages Browser

Passages is easy to use and familiar because it is built on top of the Firefox web browser. It supports all kinds of web content. Passages works like a normal browser because what the user sees really is a normal browser. There is almost no learning curve with Passages.


Enterprise Endpoint Management

Security can’t come at the expense of visibility and oversight. Passages monitors user activity directly at the browser, ensuring complete data capture. Passages provides interactive administrative and reporting tools as well as smooth integration with existing enterprise account management, deployment, and analytics platforms.


All the Web Without the Risk

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