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Interactive Timeline Software

Free to University Students and Faculty

Free Timeline Maker for Students and Faculty

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No installation required, simply download Timestream and run on Mac or Windows.

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Organize your work on the interactive timeline and visualize your progress.

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Export your timeline data and supporting files into presentations and reports.

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Register with our cloud server and invite your friends. Build cases together and share files.

Timestream radically changed and improved the way I organized, filtered, gathered and stored my research.

- John Longenecker, recent graduate, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA)

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How Faculty Benefit

Collaboration is key!

The Timestream cloud server allows for easy collaboration between faculty and students. You can oversee and monitor what your students enter into the project case timeline. You can also contribute, edit or administer notes throughout the timeline.

See case sync history.

See exactly what each individual student contributed to the project timeline and when it was added. More specifically, you will see when the student added an event or a file, what summary they have added and the specific titles of the tags added to the timeline.

Get started quickly.

Timestream is completely portable and cross platform. There is no install, it can run off a flash drive and uses read only mode without a license. Contributors can work offline and share their edits when they sync with the server. Your students can easily export the timeline data and files into presentations and reports that will run on any computer.

Easy to use, no training required.

No hassle sign up with .edu email address. Straightforward administrative access and user-friendly interface.

How Students Benefit

Collaboration is key!

Work on assignments offline from anywhere. Collaborate with faculty and other students by syncing information over the server for more efficient and productive individual and group projects.

A visual way to learn.

You will thoroughly learn your case as you organize the events, details and supporting documents on the interactive timeline. Tagging and filter features allow you to visually see where events intersect and how events are related in the case.

Presentation and reports within seconds.

Creating a presentation for class is easy. All documents, pictures, audio and videos that you attach to timeline events are imported into Timestream and are accessible within the case and the presentation. Themed presentations display a complete visual overview of your project, rather than one slide at a time, allowing easy navigation to different sections seamlessly.

Automatic file save.

Never stress about losing your work again. Timestream automatically saves the data, events and files, as they are input to the software.

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