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    Mobile Capture Video

Mobile Data Collection

*Note that Timestream Capture is a companion app that is best used in conjunction with Ntrepid Timestream

Record video on-scene.

Take high-quality photographs.

Record audio interviews.

Send scanned documents to Timestream Capture.

Jot down or dictate notes for captured evidence.

Evidence stored in a sandbox, separated from personal data.

Files are forensically hashed at point of capture.

Location data is recorded at point of capture.

Upload evidence directly into your case.

Simplicity in design.

Timestream Capture was designed to simplify the complicated task of collecting and maintaining digital files. Timestream Capture is a companion application for Ntrepid Timestream. Use it to collect evidence in the field and then wirelessly transmit your files directly into your Timestream case. Watch Video

Image of Timestream mobile capture on iphone

Photographs, videos, audio and documents.

Your device comes with amazing capabilities and Capture can help you harness this technology for your investigations. Record HD video the moment you arrive on scene. Take crisp, high-quality photographs. Record audio interviews with witnesses, subjects or clients. You can even send documents directly to the app.

All files are forensically hashed at the moment of capture and maintain their location data and forensic hash when sent to your case.

Image of Timestream Capture photographs, video, audio, and documents interface on iphone
Image of timestream capture wireless file transfer interface

Wirelessly send files to your case.

Our goal was to improve the way data was transferred from your device without compromising security. Timestream Capture creates an encrypted connection with your case over WiFi or ad-hoc network. Upon initiating the connection, a one-time pin will be displayed on your machine and must be entered into your device.

Applicability across industries.

Timestream Capture is a companion application to the Ntrepid Timestream case organization tool. Recording evidence and documents is critical whether you’re working on an architecture project, a research project or a complex investigation.

Use Capture to help manage collection and use Timestream to organize and visualize your case.

Image of timestream capture's interface

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